Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New! Poll Question - Wearing Jeans at the Stardust

As you know the Stardust has a no jeans policy. We would like your feedback regarding this policy. Please help us decide whether to keep the current policy or change it.

Your input is valued.

Thank you!
Stardust Latin Dance Parties


un salsador said...

Jeans are permitted at Club Lyrics, North by Northwest, La Luna, The Atrium, Club Sambuca, etc...
The Stardust is special. NO JEANS!! Dress to Impress!!

ari said...

I love to dress up when I go to dance. That's what I love about the Stardust. This place is not like other dance clubs. The Stardust is unique. Please, no jeans! It is nice to see everybody looking their best.