Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Our Pick for Salsa Tonight - May 30th, 2007

North by Northwest is our pick for Salsa Tonight. DJ Jose Rodriguez is the DJ and the crowd is fun and always willing to have a good time. We've been there quite a few times and everybody dances with everybody. It's one of the few places left were is all about Salsa. So if you want to go out and dance tonight this is the place to be. Admission is only $5 and there is plenty of parking on the Street. See flyer for more info.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Photos from Gala to be posted tomorrow

We have some great photos from the Grand Finale Gala at the Stardust. We'll put them up tomorrow.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

Take time to remember.

Enjoy food, family and fun! If driving, please drive safely.

500+ at Stardust Finale Gala

This past Saturday May 26th, 2007 we had our Finale Gala at the Stardust In Pennsauken, NJ. Over 500 guest attended this last dance. The rain, thunder and lightning tried to crash our party but did not dampen our spirits. Everyone had a wonderful time. We'll post pix and video in the next couple of days.

We missed a couple days!

I know we missed a couple days of contributing to our blog. The preparation for our Grand Finale Gala was more than expected. Hopefully starting today we'll get back on track.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Our Pick: Where to dance Salsa Tonight

For Friday, May 25th, 2007.
We recommend Tierra Colombiana. We haven't been there yet but everyone says the club is really nice and the dancing is great. They have a live band every Friday night. They are 4535 N. 5th Street, Philadelphia, PA

350+ Tickets Sold

Our Grand Finale Gala at the Stardust in Pennsauken has 350+ tickets sold. We expect around 500 plus door sales. You can still purchase tickets online up until midnight Friday. We have to stop ticket sales so that we can prepare for everyone who purchased tickets online.

Remember a ticket to our Finale Gala gets you a ticket to our Grand Opening. Thats a 2 for one deal which is less than or normal price. Its our way our showing our appreciation for all your support.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

April 28th Photos Now Online

Check out 60 images from our April 28th, 2007 Stardust Latin Dance.

Free NJ Lottery Ticket

I am giving away 20 (2 each) NJ Lottery tickets for the first 10 people to send me a picture of people dancing in the last week taken from phone or digital camera. Images to be posted on blog. This is good until May 25th. Please email to

Frequently Asked Questions Stardust Finale Gala

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where can we buy tickets before the dance?
Tickets were sold at various dates leading up to the dance. At this point you can only purchase tickets online for $20. Other than that you have to purchase them at the door for $25. An advance tickets guarantee admission to the Stardust. Door ticket purchasers may have to wait in line if we meet capacity.

2. How long will the tickets be available online?
You have up until Midnight on Friday to purchase tickets online.

3. I heard that I can purchase tickets at the Atrium, is that true?
This has some truth to it. Barbara has been kind enough to sell tickets to her students during the week. We will be at the Atrium on Thursday (May 24th) night from 9pm to 9:30. So if you want to get a ticket in person this is the only place. While you are there you can take an Intermediate Salsa Lesson which starts at 8pm and goes to 9:15pm. There is a fee for the class.

4. We heard a rumor that if you purchase a ticket to this dance you get free admission to the Grand Opening of the Bellmawr Stardust Latin Dance, is this true?
We were going to surprise everyone. But the cat is out the bag. Yes it is true. If you attend the last dance you will get a ticket for free admission to our Opening in September. Its like getting two for one. Its our way of showing our appreciation for your support.

5. Can you tell us about the Performances?
We will have 3 Salsa Dance groups performing Salsa routines. Each routine will be less than 5 minutes in length. Total performance should be only 15 minutes. The performances will take place between 11:30pm and Midnight. The groups are Visual Impact, George and Charlotte, and Mas Estilio.

6. Will there be a band?
No band. We did a quick survey and most Salseros wanted to hear Jose Rodriguez play the best in Salsa, Merengue and Cha Cha.

7. Will you serve food?
We will serve light desserts later in the night. You are welcome to bring light snacks. Please no food trays.

8. Can we reserve tables?
Unfortunately we are no longer taking table reservations. There will be quite a few tables available on a first come basis. These table are general seating and everyone who sits at them are expected to share the table with other guest. If you prepaid for a table of ten then that will be your reserved table all night.

9. Is the midnight toast free?
Yes, we are doing a free toast at midnight to celebrate the Stardust and Friends.

10. How will you keep us updated about what's happening at the new location.
Sign up for our email list and will send you our newsletter or you can view our blog everyday which is this blog will not only have information about the Stardust but everything happening in the Salsa community. There will also be weekly giveaways on the blog. We are looking for volunteers to help us keep the blog updated. If you are in the Salsa scene and want to contribute to our blog please send us an email.

11. What is the dress code?
We suggested everyone come semi-formal. However we will want you to be comfortable. So we won't turn you away if you have jeans. It would be great if you could dress the jeans up with a blazer or sport coat. We will not allow any sneakers, workboots, sport shirts or hats.

12. Will there be a Salsa Lesson?
No Salsa lesson. We will start dancing at 9pm and keep dancing until 3am in the morning.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pick up tickets to Stardust Gala Tonight

Tonight (May 23rd) is the last chance to pick up tickets for our Gala on May 26th. You can meet Isa at the Stardust between 7pm and 8pm.