Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stardust Latin Dance January 26th, 2008

Our next dance is this Saturday.
Party starts at 9pm with a dance lesson by Barbara Capaldi.
Dancing starts at 10pm and goes until 2am in the Morning.
DJ is Jose Rodriguez.
Admission is $12 before 10pm and $15 after
Dress is fashionable. (NO Jeans, sneakers or workboots)

Stardust Latin Dance
363 W. Browning Road
Bellmawr, NJ 08002


Groups of 8 or more call to reserve a table. A few remain.


laboricuacolombiana said...

I am looking forward to visiting the new Stardust in Bellmawr, New Jersey, but I am waiting for your venue to actually have a male instructor. Its to my understanding that you have had the same instructor showing the same basics. After a while, this may become a lack in vitality among those whom want to take advantage of lessons. I believe that having a variety or switching of male and female instructors would be more profitable and beneficial. I bring this subject into perspective because this has been an issue which has been talked about by many dedicated dancers.

NormaD said...

I have not been to your new place yet, but I have frequently visited your other place for it was local. But the intstructor seemed very bland and unenthusiastic. I believe its time for a change in acquiring new instructor to start your new place in a new year. Sometimes routine is not always good. Having a new place basically means running a new business. And if you think about it the majority of your clientele are females and as naturally as it may seems we like to have "eye candy." I don't know what kind of business you have with your old instructor. Word of mouth is very valuable now a days. Females are very vocal when it comes to events and they get there early enough to get a table not to take lessons from a female. You have a new location and by word of mouth the female still dominate the males by numbers. It is time to see a change...meaning a change in instructor and routine. I will guarantee you will start to bring in a larger crowd. I have taken lessons by Mr. Reyes and I think he is a qualified precise, dedicated, patient and thourough instructor. Also, beautiful to look at. You yourself are man of chances when you took upon the challenge to open the stardust in pennsauken every other saturday, not knowing the outcome. To your benefit it worked out. Have you ever heard the phrase, "Pay it forward?" Perhaps that is what you should do. To your benefit it has worked out quite well for you and your family. I think its time to give new blood a chance. There are so many new styles of dancing and routines and women love for a man to hold them while teaching. Strictly, business of course. But you have to admit it is a plus.
Hope to see Mr. Reyes there on my next visit. Mind you, I travel a long distance with a group of 10 to 12 females. This is my reason for this comment and request. Thank you, and I hope to see him there. Thank you, good luck and the best of wishes.

Gigi said...

I was a regular attendee at the old stardust although it took over an hour to get there.
I went to the new one for the first dance and, though much more convenient, I was disappointed with the bright lights. I hope that has been corrected. If not, it should be because it was a topic of negative discussion.
I agree with the rest of the posts concerning rotating instructors.

Good luck and success; we'll see you at next dance if you decide to post the dates.